Over the last week the Afya credit team have been getting prepared for the first trip out to Kisumu, Kenya.  Trying to source ethically sound t-shirts isn’t such a simple task so we brought in our friend Miriam to help.  We also had to go all the way to the US to find a supplier who could print the Afya credits themselves (see below).  Each card has two numbers; an ID number and a secret number hidden behind a scratch-off panel.  The second of these sets of numbers is very important because this is how we verify whether a card is genuine and due a payment or not, so its important we don’t make any mistakes with it.  So to check, we have test-scratched a few cards and we are happy to say, no problems!SEI-News-AfyaLogoCards-350x175The next part of the planning will be in and around Kisumu itself.  Our task is to connect with local partners who can assist with the challenging task of recruiting and monitoring the participants.  Its vital to the success of the scheme that we follow them and try to understand what makes them attend appointments.  If they don’t come back then equally, we want to know why.